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By Jane Ellen Harrison

Ancient paintings and Ritual is a short evaluation of dance and artwork in old Greece.

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For Spiritual consciousness is acquired through religious feeling and Spiritual knowledge by spiritual science, just as knowledge of nature is acquired by Natural Science. Spiritual consciousness leads to the impulse to acquire Spiritual knowledge. It may be said that an inner religious life may today subjectively drive a man to spiritual science. A third meeting is that in which a man approaches the Spirit Man, which will only be developed in the far future and which is brought near to him by a being belonging to the Hierarchy of the Archai.

Our I must meet that higher Self—the Spirit Self which we have yet to develop, and which in a Spiritual respect is of like nature to the Hierarchy of Angels. So therefore we may say in simple language, and speaking in the Christian sense: we must from time to time meet with a being of the Hierarchy of the Angels, a being closely related to ourselves; and when it comes to us, it brings about in us a Spiritual change, which will enable us some day to take in a Spirit Self. We must also meet with a being of the Hierarchy of the Archangels, for this being then so affects us that something is prepared which will some day lead to our developing the Life Spirit.

If there are persons then present who are able to see this in a man clairvoyantly, they can see the halo and cannot do otherwise than paint or represent it as a reality. These things are absolutely in connection with the objective facts of the Spiritual world; but that which is thus objectively present, and which is a lasting reality in the evolution of humanity, is connected with something else. Man must necessarily from time to time enter into inner communion with his Spirit Self, with the Spirit Self which is visible in the astral aura in rudimentary form as I have described; but it still has to be developed; it will be rayed down, as it were, from above, and stream in from the future.

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