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Before him he beheld a much smaller chamber, furnished only with five tiny cots and a huge portrait of the Captain. Four of the cots had been pushed together to form a single couch against one wall, and on it, rocking his head between his hands and groaning miserably, sat Papa Schimmelhorn in his brandnew frock. The fifth cot was in a corner as far away as possible. Tied to it by a leg, and obviously in a state of abject terror, cringed a little man whose personality reminded Gustav-Adolf instantly of mice.

She shouted, making Willie Fledermaus' favorite rocket noise. "BOOM! " Chaos erupted. " yelped several voices simultaneously. " cried several others. " mooed an enormous bosun fearfully. The women milled about. The crewmen, bleating, ran blindly up and down, tripping each other and the officers. The Captain dropped to her knees in front of Mama Schimmelhorn. " she begged. "Don't call your navy and -and have us all disintegrated. We didn't know you were a Mother-Empress. Really, we didn't. Why, if we had, we never would've kidnaped you like that-without your husbands and your retinue!

Hence the search for a super-intellect. Mama Schimmelhorn realized immediately that the mind they had been measuring was not hers, that she certainly was not capable of finding a solution to the problem, and that her status at least, if not her person, would be imperilled if she failed. She also realized that, if worst came to worst, her husband's scientific genius could very well become her secret weapon. From now I take no chances, she told herself. I feed you like back home, so der subconscience corks when I giff orders—but I do nodt tell you vhy, or maybe you get too big again for der lidtle petticoat!

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