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The emphasis of the coverage is on fiction, poetry, and drama, but there is also consideration of nonfiction (travel writing, correspondence, criticism), scholarship on 36 Chapter Two historical and literary topics, the Bible, and major reference works. Standard titles are assigned for works that are commonly known by a short form of a complicated title, a feature which will have little impact on researchers of British modernism but is useful for those interested in literature from earlier eras when books sometimes had unwieldy or variant titles.

Again, coverage is broad in terms of geographic areas and time periods. Entries fall into a number of categories: writers; individual plays, poems, novels, and other works; literary groups or schools (such as Bloomsbury); wider literary movements (such as modernism); critical schools or movements; literary genres; poetic forms and subgenres of drama and fiction; critical terms; rhetorical terms; theaters and theater companies (going back to the Globe); and literary magazines. The Continuum Encyclopedia of British Literature also addresses British literature of all time periods.

Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Literature in English. New York: Oxford University Press, 1996. The Encyclopedia of Literary Modernism is the only English-language encyclopedia devoted entirely to literary modernism. It focuses on the time period 1890 to 1939 and emphasizes British and American writing. The encyclopedia’s full scope is definitely wider than this, providing insight into the international aspects of modernism (such as in Scandinavia and India) as well as important precursors and successors beyond the stated date range.

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