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By Huynh D.V., Jain S.K., Lopez-Permouth S.R. (eds.)

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A dense CrN layer may provide a shielding to minimize the damage. Without CrN underlayer, much severe corrosion was observed as shown in Figure 5 Microscopic Observation of Corrosion of Amorphous Carbon Coated Magnetic Recording Disks with CrN Interlayer Fig. 4: The film was lifted off after bursting of a bubble and new bubbles formed (18%HCI droplet, 60 min). Fig. 5: Severe bubbling on the a-C sample without CrN interlayer (18% HCI droplet 10min). which was after only 10 minutes of contact with 18% HCI solution droplet.

Diamond like carbon films (DLC), deposited on steel substrates from a primary ion beam deposition system with varying beam sources, were examined using methods of nanoindentation, SEM, AES, XPS, Raman's Spectroscopy (RS) and FTIR. The films, appearing transparent, yellow and blue in colour, have hardness values ranging from 21 to 29 MPa. The results of SEM and AES show that the films are predominantly carbon without any crystalline features, and that nitrogen is incorporated in the deposited film as nitrogen is used as the ion beam source.

56 MHz) bias power of 50 -100 W was also applied to the substrate. The RF-induced bias voltage on the substrate was varied from -70 to -140 V and the deposition time was varied from 3 to 10 minutes to give different film thickness. The rate of hydrogen gas flow and that of argon gas flow was maintained so that the ratio of the gas flow HiAr = 15%. 8 nm as the excitation source was employed to characterize the D band and G band peak ratio (IdlIg). The thickness of the film was measured with the nand k analyser.

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