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Studies are also presented on the influence of long-term ethanol ingestion on poly A synthesis by isolated brain nuclei. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two month old male Sprague-Dawley rats were used for the experiments. For at least six weeks, half of the animals drank a 10% ethanol/water solution (v/v) while age-matched controls received water only. Both groups were provided with laboratory chow ad libitum and were maintained in the animal quarters on a 12-hour dark/12-hour light cycle. Twenty-four hours prior to experimentation, ethanol was replaced by water to ensure the absence of ethanol in these animals.

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And Brawerman, G. , A po1ynue1eotide segment rieh in adenylie aeid in rapidlylabeled polyribosemal RNA eomponent of mouse sareoma 180 aseites eells. Proe. Nat. Aead. , 68: -1331-1335, 1971. ALTERATION IN CEREBRAL POLYNUCLEOTIDE METABOL15M 51 13, Lim, L. and Canellakis, E. , Adenine-rich polymer associated with rabbit reticulocyte messenger RNA. Nature 227: 710-712, 1970, 14. Darnell, J. , Wall, R. , Polyadenylic acid sequences: Role in conversion of nuclear RNA into messenger RNA. Science 174:507-510, 1971.

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