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By Koichi Tohei

Aikido is in strict accord with the legislation of nature and provides a extraordinary co-ordination of psychological and actual states. each stream calls for consistent perform and ideal co-ordination. This booklet explains intimately Aikidos guiding spirit and the fifty simple suggestions.

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You may subdue others; you may not be able to control your own mind. If you cannOI control your mind at will. winning over others will not bring you happiness. Your vanity may be satisfied. bUI whal benefit does this bring to mankind in general? Once the doubt grew, il led to others and finally to endless doubts about every· thing. Professor Uyeshiba, once he starts anything. puts his whole soul into it until it is com pic ted. This time he laid the martial arts aside and put his entire energy to resolving his doubts.

Ilow can this be done? If you concentrate your mind on Seika·No-/tfen. relax your shoulders, complying with all the other points mentioned in Example I, your posture will be strong and you will feel at ease. It is under such conditions that you must perform all your daily acts. You will then be in a Stale of mental and physical coordination, and your endeavor will be to continuc to fcel that you arc in such a state. It would be well if in the end, without conscious thought. you arc able to perform your daily acts in such a state.

39 natural to use them together hut we know that this is very difficult to do, If you were resting without 1I worry in the world in Nature's broad bosom, your mind and body would easily be coordinated, juSt as a rough se:l, lert alone. would soon revert to its original calm. As you go outdoors on a warm spring day and look at the beauties of Nature all about you, you become absorbed in what you sec, Or as you sit under a clear sky at night and watch the stars, you lose your sense of self and of the earth as though you were completely at one with Nature.

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