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3. Variable no. 4 Std. dev. Std. 0 Mean Std. error Variable Std. dev. Males Table II MEAN VALUES FOR SERUM LIPIDS AND LIPOPROTEINS AND LIPID COMPOSITION OF PRINCIPAL LIPOPROTEIN FRACTIONS 50 EWING ET AL. I. I. 175(S f ° 12-400) 24. 22. 23. 21. 20. 18. 19. 17. 16. 15. 14. I. units) ( w t % of total lipids) ( w t % of total lipids) (mg/100 ml) (Svedberg units) (mg/100 ml) ( m g / 1 0 0 ml) ( w t % of total lipids) Human Serum Lipoprotein Distributions 51 52 E W I N G E T AL. sum of individual components (including calculated values of unesterified cholesterol) is usually a good approximation of the total extracted weight.

At this stage, the program may, depending on the version being used, calculate a correction to standard conditions of temperature and density by Ft» = Ft (J^Zl) (JL) * \p — o / \ r\s J where p8 and y\s represent standard density and viscosity, and c the lipoprotein hydrated density. The refractometrically determined density p2& (calibrated at 26°C) which is obtained from input allows calculation of both p and r] for the temperature of the run. This is achieved by inter­ polation of stored density and viscosity tables at several temperatures for the appropriate background salt solutions.

The output data used to obtain these EWING ET AL. 46 profiles are the lipoprotein concentrations after F versus C, JohnstonOgston, and base-of-cell corrections have been applied. One of the unique advantages of such a profile analysis is that, in addition to dis­ playing gross differences in concentration and flotation rates, the more subtle features of each lipoprotein distribution may be compared with one another. For example, the Sf 20-400 lipoprotein distribution for the Sr 400 100 rate, S v e d b e r g s 20 12 0 FIG.

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