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By Kam Thye Chow

Extend your Thai yoga therapeutic massage perform with complicated postures and effort paintings to regard pressure, again ache, complications, and a number of other universal stipulations

• contains step by step pictures for greater than 50 complicated Thai yoga therapeutic massage postures
• Illustrates in complete colour the destinations of the sen strains and explains their particular healing traits and connections to ayurveda and the five kosha our bodies
• info profitable treatment options for eight universal illnesses with customized 60-minute Thai yoga therapeutic massage posture flows in addition to ayurvedic and yoga strategies for persisted therapeutic and prevention at domestic

In the original therapeutic approach of Thai yoga massage--based on yoga, ayurveda, and the martial arts--the practitioner makes use of his or her personal arms, toes, hands, and legs to softly consultant the recipient via a chain of yoga postures whereas palming and thumbing alongside the body’s power pathways and strain issues, identified within the Thai culture as sen traces and in ayurveda as marma issues.

Providing the way to extend one’s Thai yoga therapeutic massage perform, this e-book comprises step by step images and directions for greater than 50 complex Thai yoga postures in addition to winning therapies for eight universal illnesses: pressure, again soreness, stiff neck and shoulders, arm and hand exhaustion, complications, constipation, fibromyalgia, and anxiety/depression. each one therapy plan deals a personalized one-hour Thai yoga therapeutic massage posture circulation particular to that illness in addition to ayurvedic and yoga innovations for persevered therapeutic and prevention after the therapeutic massage consultation. This entire advisor additionally illustrates the precise position of the sen traces and marma issues, detailing their healing symptoms and connections to ayurveda and the 5 kosha our bodies, in addition to explaining find out how to include them into periods for deeper therapeutic.

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38 Leg Lift Feel the waist pull up from the ground and lengthen away from your ribs. Flex the feet as if you were standing on them. Level Bend the bottom elbow to cradle the head, if necessary. ▶ Beginner Contraindications ▶ ▶ 1 Lie on your side with your torso lined up straight along the back edge of the mat. Flex the hips so that the legs are slightly in front of your body. Stack the legs long and straight on top of one another, with the toes flexed toward the front. Your head lies over the bottom arm with the palm facing up or down.

Rotate the arms only as far as is comfortable. Keep the elbows under the shoulders. 2 Exhale and rotate the forearms to the sides of the body. 3 Inhale and return the arms to the starting position. Repeat for 5 to 10 repetitions. 27 Oblique Crunch Level ▶ Beginner Contraindications ▶ Focus ▶ Slide the shoulders away from the ears. Injuries to the knees or lower back Point the tailbone downward, with the buttock muscles slightly activated. Muscles of the trunk and spine Benefits ▶ ▶ ▶ Strengthens the oblique abdominal muscles Creates awareness of the upper back Improves stability of the pelvis and hips Keep the tops of each foot on the mat.

Inhale to prepare the abdominals. Feel them contract to protect the lower back. Exhale and lift the left leg to hip height straight out to the side. Keep the upper body still and stable. Keep the leg as straight as possible. 2 Inhale with a double breath as you bring the left leg forward until you feel a stretch in the hamstrings. Keep the left leg straight and the foot flexed. (continued) 33 Kneeling Side Kick (continued) 3 Exhale. Swing the left leg back at hip height with the toes pointed until you feel a stretch in the hip flexors.

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