Download Adaption and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems: IJCAI'95 by Gerhard Weiß (auth.), Gerhard Weiß, Sandip Sen (eds.) PDF

By Gerhard Weiß (auth.), Gerhard Weiß, Sandip Sen (eds.)

This ebook is predicated at the workshop on version and studying in Multi-Agent structures, held along with the overseas Joint convention on synthetic Intelligence, IJCAI'95, in Montreal, Canada in August 1995.
The 14 completely reviewed revised papers mirror the full scope of present points within the box: they describe and study, either experimentally and theoretically, new studying and adaption methods for events within which a number of brokers need to cooperate or compete. additionally incorporated, and geared toward the amateur reader, are a accomplished introductory survey at the region with 154 references indexed and an issue index. because the first booklet completely dedicated to this quarter, this quantity files the state-of-the-art and is hence necessary for an individual lively or attracted to the field.

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