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Different C compilers use different amounts of storage for integers and floating-point values. As you will learn later, there are ways of finding out exactly how much memory your C compiler uses for each type of data. Rewards • Keep the Caps Lock key off! Most C commands and functions require lowercase letters. • Put lots of extra spacing in your C programs to make them more readable. • A C function must have parentheses following its name. A C program consists of one or more functions. The main() function is always required.

Braces and the first lines of functions don’t need semicolons because nothing is executing on those lines. All statements with printf() should end in a semicolon. You won’t see semicolons after main(), however, because you don’t explicitly tell C to execute main(); you do, however, tell C to execute print() and many other functions. As you learn more about C, you’ll learn more about semicolon placement. Printing Strings String messages are the easiest type of data to print with printf(). You only have to enclose the string in quotation marks.

S1 : s2); /* Gets the smaller of 2 values */ The next section explains the syntax of comments, but for now, you can see that the message between the /* and the */ is a comment. The closer a comment is to spoken language and the further a comment is from C code, the better the comment is. Don’t write a comment just for the sake of commenting. The following statement’s comment is useless: printf("Payroll"); /* Prints the word "Payroll" */ Warning You don’t know C yet, and you still don’t need the preceding line’s comment!

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