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By Jonathon King

Together with his first novel The Blue fringe of dead night, Jonathon King was once praised for his "powerful storytelling" (San Diego Union-Tribune), for his "stunning" and "superb" writing (Pittsburgh Tribune), and for including "new dimensions to the trendy crime novel" (Michael Connelly). And, in a starred evaluate, Publishers Weekly in comparison King to James corridor, Robert Parker, and James Lee Burke. Now, in a visual Darkness, King provides one other gripping, unforgettable tale. Max Freeman is looking for shelter from the customary demons of his former lifestyles as a Philadelphia police officer, in his secluded shack deep within the Everglades. yet his self-imposed isolation is inter-rupted while he gets a determined name from his ally, lawyer Billy Manchester. there was a contemporary string of suspicious deaths-all aged girls, all from a negative local, and all with giant and lately sold-off coverage policies-which the police were not able, or unwilling, to enquire. Billy believes whatever sinister might be at paintings, and so, to aid his good friend, Max needs to reluctantly pry the place he isn't sought after, and act just like the cop he is attempting to omit he used to be. to find an unseen killer, Max will confront not just the risks of a forgotten Florida cityscape, however the unforeseen and darkish corners of his personal prior to boot. jam-packed with twists, turns, and a wide ranging evocation of a hardly glimpsed underside of recent the US, a visual Darkness confirms Jonathon King's position on the vanguard of a brand new iteration of crime novelists.

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