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By Clyde Wahrhaftig

Published through the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Special courses Series.

It is difficult to be blind to the earth in San Francisco. outfitted on rocky hills, the town is surrounded on 3 facets by means of bay and ocean that may be noticeable from approximately far and wide inside of it. Precipitous cliffs face town from around the Golden Gate, and the skyline to the north, east, and south is ruled via mountains. Occasional tremors from the San Andreas and comparable faults close by remind us that the earth this is energetic. until eventually lately the rocks so abundantly uncovered in San Francisco baffled geologists. mixed in with out obvious order and missing obvious fossils, they defied rationalization. the idea of plate tectonics has replaced all that. we have now a proof for the starting place of the rocks of San Francisco, even though it is something yet simple.

Chapter 1 journey 1. A Streetcar to Subduction (pages 10–17):
Chapter 2 journey 2. To castle Mason and Subducted Sandstone (pages 17–19):
Chapter three journey three. Baker's seashore and citadel aspect: a visit to Melange and Serpentine (pages 19–25):
Chapter four journey four. A Sedentary Survey of the constitution of town (With aspect journeys Afoot) (pages 25–38):
Chapter five journey five. Marin Headlands: Pillow Basalt and Chert (pages 38–45):
Chapter 6 journey 6. a ship journey to the Blueschist Facies: Angel Island and the Metamorphosed Franciscan (pages 45–55):
Chapter 7 journey 7. After Subduction is Over: A BART journey to a rework Fault (pages 55–63):

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Furthermore, Victorian decoration fell out of favor from 1920 to 1960. I recall thinking in the 1930'sthat Victorianhouseswere bizarrelyugly. So did many of their inhabitants,who tired of the frequent re- Ten transit lines connect Van Ness with the No. 44 line before the first outcrop on the latter. For brevity, only three are describedhere: No. 1 (California) for architecture, No. 38 (Geary) for conve- nience, and No. 6 (Parnassus) for the view. The oth- ers are shown on the Muni route map, and houses on them are describedin architecturalguides.

26. Map showingroute and pointsof intereston the north part of sideTrip B. For explanationseeFigure 27. •:iopofquarry wall of San 50 I, 200 1 2 3 4 5 1O0 I 6 ' 400 150 I 7 200 6 •)0 I 250 rn I ' ft. 27. Mapshowing routeandpointsof interest on thesouthpartof sideTrip B: 1, strikeand dipof bedding in sedimentary rocks; 2, strikeanddipof schistosity of foliation in schist, melange, andgneissic gabbro;3, limitof outcropor of exoticblock;4, routeof sidetrip;5, pointof interest or locality mentioned in text;6, street;7, path;8, fence,9, groveof trees(shown onlyalongrouteof sidetrip);10,built-upareas(houses, buildings, schoolhouse, andprivateyards); amph,amphibolite; ha, basalt;ch, chert; gb, gabbro;m, melangematrix; mss,meta-sandstone; sc, silica-carbonate rock; sch,schist; ss,sandstone.

Beyond,Third Streetentersthe major industrial area of San Francisco. India Basin Industrial Park, siteof former abattoirs,is on the right, and 37 the drawbridgeover IslaisCreek Channel. North of Bernal Heightsand lslaisCreek, the high grey hill behind the huge gastank is Potter() Hill, about 100 m high, the largestexposureof serpentinein the city. S. S. Coastand GeodeticSurvey nauticalcharts may be purchased. On the left, beyond Broadway, are the steep cliffs of Telegraph Hill (TH), the outcropping edge of a tween 23rd and 20th, it crossesthe west edge ()t' the site of a steepserpentinehill that wasleveledfor a factory district, and at 20th, ()n the left, bet•ind a bank building, outcropsand bouldersof serpentine landscapea parking l()t.

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