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THE E R U P T I O N IN 1792 The chief types of volcanic eruption Earth scientists have described vulcanic eruptions in many different ways and used amny different terms to do so. In simplifiedform,eruptions can be grouped under four main heading: mild, modcrate. vigorous and violent. Mild eruptions are often terned hydrothermal They happen where hot magma lies close to the surface and heats the groundwater to boiling point. The heated water rises to the surface and emerges in hot springs, geysers, and mudpots.

Mary, a great local character who was the priest at Le MorneRouge. Nearby, he had also had a chapel built that was dedicated to Notre Dame de l'Etang. Tradition required that the trippers inscribe their impressions of the scene on its walls. Father Mary had somehow broken his arm at the inauguration, and it was said that he had almost fallen into the abyss of the Etang Sec. A discrete veil was drawn over the reason for this incident. Many of the trips were organized to celebrate the Whitsun holiday.

It was therefore the tributary that had sullied the waters of the Riviere Blanche down stream. The investigators scrambled up through the tangle of dwarf palms and creepers until they reached slightly more open country around 850m. Here, dry volcanic mud coated the ground, and many of the bananas, plantains and arums were scorched. Then, the volcanic mud became thicker and they entered a chaos of broken, twisted and uprooted trees thrown down by a "localised whirlwind, as if they had been blasted by an explosion of cannon powder".

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