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By Stanisław Lem

It is a first-class, very humorous ebook. somebody acquainted with Lem's brief tales and works like "Imaginary Engines" will recognize what to anticipate. unfortunately, the lower than blurb utilized by the writer is nearly meaningless.

This is the Kandel translation. I doubt if he up to date the interpretation for the reissue of the e-book by means of Northwestern college Press. They most likely simply received the rights in order that they may perhaps rock that important and japanese eu literature.

This is a suite of excellent but imaginary stories of nonexistent books. With insidious wit, the writer beguiles us with a parade of pleasant, disarmingly known innovations. "Lem is Harpo Marx and Franz Kafka and Isaac Asimov rolled up into one and down the white rabbit's hole" (Detroit News). A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

(there is a request for this Lem name, however it is an noticeable test, no longer "retail"...however, if the individual that placed the bounty on it reveals it applicable, enable me know!)

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Translated via Tamara Glenny

Fiction. "KANGAROO is a unique of the main devastating, the main terrifying hilarity. It belongs within the style of satire; even if, its web influence is neither revulsion on the method nor comedian reduction, yet natural metaphysical terror. This impact has much less to do with the author's really apocalyptical worldview as such than with the standard of his ear. Aleshkovsky, whose popularity in Russia as a songwriter is very excessive (in truth, a few of his songs are a part of nationwide folklore), hears the language like a prodigy. The hero of KANGAROO is a pickpocket whose profession spans the total historical past of Soviet Russia, and the unconventional is an epic yarn spun out within the foulest of language, for which both 'slang' of 'argot' fails as definition' (Joseph Brodsky). "The gorgeous influence of a CANDIDE, a SCHWEIK, a 1984. .. Alehkovsky's exact strength is that he has a devastating humorousness. .. right here, for the 1st time i do know of, a Russian has stripped away the sonorities of Soviet historical past to focus on its absurdity from a regular, human element of view" (New York Times). 5/18/99

One morning in 1949, Fan Fanych, alias Etcetera, is summoned from his Moscow condo to KGB headquarters, the place he's expert that he'll be charged with against the law extra heinous than any mere guy may well ever devise. Comrade Etcetera should be attempted for "the vicious rape and homicide of an elderly kangaroo within the Moscow Zoo on an evening among July 14, 1789, and January nine, 1905. "

Every second within the nightmarish and hilarious account that follows lives as much as the absurdity of this accusation. A seductive KGB agent makes an attempt to persuade Fan Fanych that he's a kangaroo; he reveals himself within the dock at a striking express trial; is distributed to a camp packed with committed previous Bolsheviks pathetically trying to keep their ideals within the face of each new atrocity; encounters Hitler in Berlin and Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin at Yalta, the place he's privileged to witness the recognized convention because it was once fairly conducted.

Kangaroo is a savage, detoxing satire during which Yuz Aleshkovsky confronts the hypocrisy, the cruelty, and the tragic failure of the Soviet regime. His phantasmagoria is trustworthy to truth, for--as Dostoevsky knew--it is most unlikely for "realism" to painting a society whose corruption is actually fantastic.

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In the second half of it, Robinson no longer speaks to Wendy Mae directly: the last act of communication is a letter, at night, in the cave, written by her in the ashes of the fireplace, by feel, a letter to Robinson, who will read it at the crack of dawn—but he trembles in advance, able to guess its message in the darkness when he passes his fingers over the cold cinders.. . ” she wrote, and he, not dar­ ing to reply, fled with his tail between his legs. To do what? To organize a Miss Chambered Nautilus Pageant, to belabor the palm trees with a cudgel, reviling them in the most opprobrious terms, to shout out, on the promenade of the beach, his pro­ gram for harnessing the island to the tails of the whales!

The whole action takes thirty-six minutes, the time required to transport the condemned man from his cell to the place of execution. The story ends with the image of the noose, whose black loop, seen against the sky, falls upon the neck of the calmly standing Maesch. This Maesch is of course Gilgamesh, the semidivine hero of the Babylonian epos, and the one who sends him to the gallows—his old buddy N. Kiddy— is Gilgamesh’s closest friend, Enkidu, created by the gods in or­ der to bring about the hero’s downfall.

Gig” is of course now seen to be “ Gog” (Gog and Magog). From Shema derives the name “ Simeon” (Hebrew Shimeon), and immediately we think of Simeon Stylites; but if the Saint sits atop the pillar, the halter hangs down from it; therefore Maesch, dangling beneath, will become a stylite a rebours. This is a further step in the antisymmetry. Enumer­ ating in this fashion, in his exegesis, 2,912 expressions from the Old Sumerian, Babylonian, Chaldean, Greek, Church Sla­ vonic, Hottentot, Bantu, South Kurile, Sephardic, the dialect of the Apaches (the Apaches, as everyone knows, commonly exclaim “ Igh” or “ Ugh” ), along with their Sanskrit roots and references to underworld argot, Hannahan stresses that this is no haphazard rummage, but a precise semantic wind rose, a multidimensional compass card and map of the work, its car­ tography—for the object is the plotting of all those ties and links which the novel will realize polyphonically.

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