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By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Welcome to the Gal?pagos Islands! As you keep on with a course throughout the black lava rock on one of many islands, you'll pay attention the ocean lions barking or the hum of a white-lined sphinx moth flying prior your head. The Gal?pagos Islands are energetic, from an enormous tortoise trudging towards a cactus patch to a Gal?pagos barn owl gliding within the air, able to grab up a Santa Fe rice rat. Day and evening within the Gal?pagos Islands, the quest is directly to locate meals - and to prevent changing into an individual else's subsequent meal. the entire residing issues are hooked up to each other in a nutrition chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and bug to animal. What direction will you are taking to keep on with the nutrients chain during the islands? Will you . . . pass fishing with a blue-footed booby? Snack on a few crabs with a Gal?pagos sea lion? Dive less than the reef looking for algae with a marine iguana? stick with all 3 chains and plenty of extra in this who-eats-what experience!

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The changes helped them be successful at getting the food in their habitat. Birds that needed to crack seeds grew thicker beaks, while birds that pecked for insects had narrower ones. All the finches care for their babies pretty much the same way. See that cactus finch there? The one collecting all the bits of lichen, grass, bark, and twigs? He’s building three different nests all at once. They are all ball-shaped with a hole in the side for a door. Look! A female went in one of his nests. She’s picked him!

When the next female stops by, she stays longer. He hooks his wing around her. She stays. She’s picked him. They could gather twigs to make a nest. But why find your own twigs when another bird has already done the work? They wing over to a Galápagos hawk’s nest and pull out what they need. When they spy the hawk approaching in the distance, they take off. Soon, the female will lay one egg on their nest. But their nest is pretty sloppy. Sticks poke out everywhere, and there are huge gaps. Hopefully, it’ll be sturdy enough to hold the egg and the chick when it hatches.

Nutrients from a Galápagos tortoise that died of old age at 150. To see what another Galápagos tortoise is up to, tur n to page 30. Sally Lightfoot Crab 58 (Grapsus grapsus) Sally Lightfoot crabs speckle the rocks along the shore. The younger ones are black or dark brown. Those colors make it harder for predators to see the crabs on the black lava rocks. The grown-ups are just about every color of the rainbow. There’s a red one, with blue and green on the edges of its shell. His neighbor is brown and yellow.

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