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Translations of the Yi jing into western languages were biased in the direction of the yili ('meaning and pattern') culture, while stories of the xiangshu ('image and number') culture - which takes as its aspect of departure the imagery and numerology linked to divination and its hexagrams, trigrams, strains, and similar charts and diagrams - has remained rather unexplored. This significant new reference paintings is organised as a Chinese-English encyclopedia, prepared alphabetically in accordance with the pinyin romanisation, with chinese language characters appended. a personality index in addition to an English index is incorporated. The entries are of 2 forms: technical phrases and numerous different techniques concerning the 'image and quantity' culture, and bio-bibliographical details on chinese language Yi jing students. every one access within the former class has a quick clarification that comes with references to the origins of the time period, cross-references, and a connection with an access giving a extra complete remedy of the topic.

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This refers to the bottom line of a hexagram or trigram. ;j;.. -gotI-. The original palace hexagram(s); alt. :) in JING FANG's arrangement of 'the hexagrams of the eight palaces' U\ ,§~~), see BA GONG GUA. tl-. The original hexagram; also known as 'the principal hexagram' (lEt~) or 'the static hexagram' (Mit~). The instances of divination with The Changes recorded in The Zuo Commentary tr:1~ and Discourses of the 17 States ~m are generally introduced with the formula "meeting (~) Hexagram 1 Z Hexagram2".

Compo from the YLDD. Lit. Franke 1976, 179-82. CHENG GANG ~OiJ1. To mount the hard [line] [TUAN, XIAO XIANG]. In a hexagram, when the lower line of a pair is a yang (solid, hard) line and the upper a yin (broken, soft) line, the yin line is said 'to mount the hard'. This represents a commoner taking advantage of a nobleman and is generally considered inauspicious. 2]. TUAN 54 (comm. on GUI MEl [54] has the expressions 'the soft [line] mounts the hard [line)' (**IbllUfu) and TUAN 43 (comm. on GUAI [43] - -) 'the soft [line] mounts the fifth hard [line] (or the five hard lines)' (**liIbllUfu).

Prognostica, see WEI SHU. CHEN CHUN f~if (1159-1223)', z. Anqing 3(~~U, p. Beiqi xiansheng ~tm)'c 1:. Private scholar and teacher. In 1190-91 Chen studied under ZHU XI and remained a loyal adherent, criticizing LU JIUYUAN's teachings for being contaminated with Buddhist ideas. Besides The Changes, Chen wrote expositions on The Odes ~, The Rituals m;, and Master Meng ~T. He is the author of several other works including the most famous, Beiqi's Meaning of Characters ~tm~~, in which he explains the terms of the Studies of the Way (ill~) [biog.

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