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Lateral Half Moon Lateral Half Moon Technique From Central Position, with feet together, bring arms over head, palms together, thumbs crossed firmly. Or, interlace three fingers, index fingers and thumbs straight and together. Stretch toward ceiling with chin tucked slightly in, head centered with shoulders and arms. Align ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and head with plumb line or body axis. Maintain alignment throughout posture. Focus on one point in front. Breathe normally. Stretch torso and arms to right following coronal plane.

Forward Stretch, Hands-to-Feet 5. Triangle 6. Standing Separate Leg Head-to-Knee Awkward Series 6. a. Awkward 7. Eagle 8. Standing Head-to-Knee 9. Standing Bow 10. Balancing Stick 11. Splits-in-the-Air 12. Tree Transition Series 14. Finger Stand 15. Lotus Warm-up 16. Shoulder Roll 17. Pelvic Lift 18. Savasana 19. a. Wind Removing Cobra Series 20. Cobra 21. a. Locust 21. Full Locust 22. Bow Tortoise Series 23. Half Tortoise 24. Camel 25. Rabbit Stretching Series 26. Head-to-Knee 27. a. a. b. Upward Gas-Removing Abdominal Series 31.

To balance in a yoga posture align your skeleton and distribute weight evenly between areas of the body on the floor, unless otherwise instructed. Keep your center of weight and center of gravity together. Move slowly into every posture to maintain balance and alignment. Stretch as far as possible from your center without straining or moving out of alignment. This method will properly develop muscles and prevent injury. Balance develops and becomes effortless when: you have plenty of oxygen from proper breathing, muscles are stretched in equal and opposite directions, and the body is in alignment and weight is evenly distributed.

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