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Is the Bible choked with made-up tales or is there proof for the folk, the locations, the customs, and occasions pointed out in Scripture? In 50 Proofs for the outdated Testament you'll find reliable proof that helps the trustworthiness of previous testomony Scripture.

50 Proofs for the outdated Testament contains very important unearths such as:

• checklist of Sumerian kings, exhibiting who governed sooner than and after the good Flood

• Nuzi pills display customs and tales just like these present in Genesis 15-31

• domestic of the Patriarchs: Abraham's great-grandfather, grandfather, Serug and Nahor from Genesis 11

• Canaanite gods and goddesses warned approximately in Numbers 25, I Kings eleven, Jeremiah 23, and Hosea 13

• Megiddo (Armageddon), urban of War

• Shishak's invasion list relationship to c. seven-hundred BC

• Gibeah, King Saul's captial

A better half piece to 50 Proofs for the outdated Testament is 50 Proofs for the recent Testament which...

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The original diggers removed 3000 tons of limestone. A tunnel for the pool runs under the city to an outside spring. This internal water supply was important in case of siege. Importance of the Find 2 Samuel 2:13 and Jeremiah 41:12 speak of a great water pool at Gibeon. The find verifies the location of the Pool at Gibeon as mentioned in the Bible and shows the great effort taken to have a secure source of water. Book(s) of the Bible 2 Samuel, Jeremiah Archaeological Find 26. Gibeah, King Saul’s Capitol Archaeologists have identified Gibeah with the ancient ruins on a hill known today as Tel el-Ful, about three miles north of Jerusalem.

Dates of Events (examples) 1st century BC = 100 BC to 1 BC 2nd century BC = 200 BC to 101 BC 10th century BC = 1000 BC to 901 BC 13th century BC = 1300 BC to 1201 BC 1st millennium BC = 1000 BC to 1 BC 2nd millennium BC = 2000 BC to 1001 BC Reference Materials Archaeology & the Old Testament, Dr. Alfred J. Hoerth Rose Publishing resources that will help in the study of this topic are: 420X Bible Time Line pamphlet 425L Kings & Prophets wall chart 306X Then and Now Bible Maps book 561L Bible Overview wall chart 562X Bible Overview pamphlet 422L Archaeology & the Bible: Old Testament wall chart 434L Archaeology & the Bible: New Testament wall chart 624X Archaeology & the Bible: New Testament pamphlet 621X 100 Proofs for the Bible PowerPoint® The printed version of this eBook is the 50 Proofs for the Bible: Old Testament pamphlet, ISBN-13: 9781596361584 Acknowledgements: Text by Professor Larry McKinney, Central Baptist Theological Seminary (Kansas); Additional Research by Dan Master, Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Wheaton College (Illinois); Dr.

This find shows how horned altars were shaped. The Bible tells how they were used. One was in the Tabernacle. The LORD told Moses to make an acacia-wood horned altar five cubits long, five cubits broad, and three cubits high with the horns of it at the four corners and overlaid with brass (Exodus 27:2; 1 Kings 1:50). Book(s) of the Bible Exodus, 1 Kings Archaeological Find 12. Merneptah (Merenptah) Stele (also called The Israel Stele) The hieroglyphic text of the stele made in Egypt describes the victories of Pharaoh Merneptah around 1230 BC over the Libyans and people of Palestine.

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