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I introduce colder hues in the shadows and warmer ones in the highlights. 08). In this step I introduce a lot of intricate detail to the dock platforms. They don’t have to be completely defined, just as long as they give an idea of what might be happening there. 09). Almost there! This is a cleaning up stage where I wash out some of the areas that I don’t want to draw attention to. I also introduce more contrast by using a new layer in Color Dodge mode and paint to enhance the light hitting the objects.

I think it did a good job of adding depth and some dynamic, but I feel that I need to expose the courtyard to some sky otherwise it feels a little too depressing. It’s difficult to stick with your initial ideas sometimes; I was appreciating I’ve outlined in separate thumbnails the some broken up diagonal lines, I’m hoping these that tunnel, but I just couldn’t make it seem breakdown of how I decide to paint her. 08). So what would a seedy part of town be without images we’re all familiar with - the ones that First I start with an off-blue, white and semi hard are kind of grainy and all broken up by static Airbrush.

The next “character” that comes into play is color to help emphasize the mood already established with value. I introduce new layers in various modes (Overlay, Soft Light and Color Dodge) and use large soft edged brushes with low saturated colours. 04). I resize the image to the final 4000px resolution. I keep slowly defining the edges of the silhouettes which still retain a lot of the rough sketch from the initial stages. I also start introducing more intricate details like windows, ropes and small spires.

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